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You're about to have an opportunity to put everything you've learned about critical thinking into action in this game! You'll be inserted into a scenario in which you get to read and write your own emails.
Tom Greer
Susan Lane
GENIDYNE CORP | Welcome, Tom Greer
Inbox (12 unread emails)

To: Tom Greer <>

From: First Last <>

CC: Tom Greer <>

Subject: Re: Singer Project

Hint! Click on the emails to the left to read them. You need to read ALL emails before continuing.

New Message
Hint! Type your email here and then click the 'Send' button when you are ready to review it.

Did your email do a good job at considering the elements of critical thinking listed here?

  • Purposes
  • Questions
  • Points of View
  • Information
  • Inferences
  • Concepts
  • Implication
  • Assumptions

Did your email demonstrate a clear understanding of the situation?

Did your email identify and evaluate significant points of view?

Did your email accurately identify any assumptions?

Did your email identify significant implications and consequences?

Would you like to edit your email? Feel free to do that now, when you think its ready to go just click send!

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