Feeling kind of blue today after asking Siri a math question…

“Siri, what is zero divided by zero”? I am curious how long apple will allow this Siri response to survive…


Facebook collects the text you type, even if you decide against posting it

Ever written out a status update or comment but decided against posting it? A tech consultant has discovered Facebook collects this content, despite the company’s claims to the contrary. [...]


Apple Watch sells out in 6 hours

All Apple Watch models in the US sold out in just six hours, according to 9to5Mac, and shipping time for the devices is delayed by four to six weeks. At the official Apple Watch launch event last [...]


Periscope update keeps viewers from showing up at your house

Twitter's video-streaming app Periscope may have buried Meerkat's hopes of being the go-to way to show the world your office refrigerator. But until today, it had a rather scary privacy issue. [...]

Like it or not… Twitter is now placing ads in user profiles

Twitter is bringing promoted tweets, the app’s signature ad unit, to people’s profile pages as part of a new test. That means when you visit the page of another user, you may find a targeted [...]