Apple Watch sells out in 6 hours

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All Apple Watch models in the US sold out in just six hours, according to 9to5Mac, and shipping time for the devices is delayed by four to six weeks.

At the official Apple Watch launch event last month, Apple told excited consumers that they would be able to buy their devices on April 24.

But on Friday, Apple fans preordering their Watches were told they might have to wait several weeks to receive their purchases. That April 24 date is being pushed further and further back.

A lot of people are hearing “June,” “July,” or “August.”

Macrumors is keeping a running tally of shipping and delivery times in the US.

At first it didn’t look good if you want the top-end Apple Watch Edition Yellow Gold.

From April to August!

Apple Watch shipping times

It looks as if Apple has now revised most shipping dates back to June:

apple watch shipping times


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